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Ixora coccinea, commonly known as ixora or jungle geranium, is a tropical evergreen shrub prized for its vibrant clusters of colorful flowers and glossy foliage. Native to Asia, it’s popular in landscaping and gardens for its ability to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. With its dense growth habit and ability to tolerate heat and humidity, ixora is a versatile plant ideal for adding a splash of color to tropical and subtropical landscapes.

Plant Care:


Ixoras thrive in tropical sunlight, needing 8-10 hours of direct to partial light daily. Protect from harsh afternoon sun in summer to prevent leaf burn. While they can tolerate indirect light, expect less frequent and smaller flower clusters.


Ixora prefers consistently moist soil but dislikes soggy conditions like most plants. Ensure the growing medium is rich and well-draining, maintaining soil moisture consistently. Avoid letting the soil dry out completely. Water regularly, adjusting frequency based on weather conditions, with reduced watering during monsoon and winter.


Fertilize ixoras with slow-release fertilizer in early spring for upcoming growth. Monthly topsoil composting enhances plant health. For foliage growth and more flowers, use a houseplant fertilizer every two weeks.


25-30cm, 40-50cm


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