Fiddle-leaffig 70-80CM | Indoor Plant



The fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a striking, evergreen houseplant known for its large, glossy, fiddle-shaped leaves that can grow up to 45cm long. Native to tropical central and western Africa, it can reach heights of 15m in the wild, but indoors, it typically grows to 2-2.5m, making it an ideal focal point or standalone statement piece.

Note that fiddle leaf figs are toxic to cats and dogs, and their sap can cause irritation, so keep them away from children and pets.


Fiddle leaf figs prefer slightly dry conditions, so avoid overwatering. Check soil moisture by testing the top few centimeters; water when dry in spring and summer, and reduce in winter.

Mist regularly for humidity and wipe leaves clean with a damp cloth. Feed monthly with liquid fertilizer from spring to late summer.

Prune lightly by removing yellow or dead leaves at the stem base.




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