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Meet the Asplenium antiquum, also known as the Bird’s Nest Fern—a stunning epiphytic species that naturally thrives by rooting to trees in warm climates. With larger leaflets than most ferns, it boasts lush, full foliage. Recognizable by its bright green, arching blades with pointed ends and strong midribs, this fern’s stout, nearly black leaf stalks can grow over 150 cm long and 20 cm wide. Loved for its attractive appearance and low maintenance, it’s an excellent choice for containers or indoor plants.

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Bird’s Nest Ferns thrive in filtered sunlight to partial shade. Avoid harsh direct sunlight, which can scorch their leaves. Indoors, place them near an east- or north-facing window for optimal growth.

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These ferns prefer consistent soil moisture, but dislike soggy conditions. Water when the top inch of soil is dry, aiming at the soil rather than the center to prevent mold and rot. Avoid wetting the fronds directly.

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Bird’s nest ferns thrive in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, tolerating down to 50 degrees briefly. Protect them from drafts from air conditioning or heating vents indoors. They prefer high humidity and thrive in moist environments like bathrooms, greenhouses, or terrariums. Using a humidifier nearby can also create an ideal humidity level.

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During the fern’s active growing season from spring to early fall, feed monthly with diluted balanced liquid fertilizer applied to the soil, avoiding contact with the fronds to prevent foliage burn. Pause feeding in the fall and resume in the spring.




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