Dracaena compacta

Dracaena Compacta is a close relative to Dracaena “Janet Craig”, one of the most popular indoor plants. Compact, dark green leaves make this an attractive plant in any setting. A favorite in homes and offices because they’re reliable growers in minimal light. poor humidity, and wide ranging temperatures.In our hydroponic system, Drac. “Compacta” is even stronger and they don’t ask for much. Air moves easily through the culture pot and around the roots, creating a strong root system. Strong roots mean healthy plants. The water gauge tells you when to water (or, more importantly, when NOT TO WATER).

Dracena compacta Plant Care with Hydroponics
Botanical Name: Dracaena compacta
Catagory: Indoor Plants
Light: Compacta’s are one of the best low light plants for interiors. That means avoid direct sun.
Low light plants always grow better in Hydroponics because of improved air circulation at the roots.
Water: Because Compacta’s grow in minimal light, they need less water.
Just like other low light plants, it’s imperative to allow for a dry period between waterings. Water to 1/2 on gauge. When the water gauge to read “Min” wait another 7-10 days before rewatering. Most Compacta’s need water only once every 3-4 weeks.
Temperature: Keep them warm – never go below 55 degrees. Leaves that turn black are sure signs of cold damage.
What to Watch for: Although these plants resist most insects, be on the watch for Mealy bugs.
If lower leaves turn yellow faster than new growth appears, you’re probably too generous with the water. Allow for more time between waterings.


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