Aloe/Haworthia Mix 15-20 CM | Indoor Plant



Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Aloe Vera Plants! Easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, these captivating succulents offer soothing gel for skin care. Perfect for beginners, they require minimal maintenance. Learn essential care tips and explore popular aloe varieties in our blog!

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Aloe Vera thrives with bright, natural light. Outdoors, it needs up to six hours of full sun, with a bit of shade in the afternoon. Indoors, place it near a window for bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sun to prevent leaf burn, but ensure enough light to keep its leaves healthy and strong.

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Aloe prefers regular watering, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings. In winter, it goes dormant and needs little to no water if previously well-watered. To prevent rot in rainy climates, plant aloe in gravel or stones to improve drainage.

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Aloe thrives in arid, tropical, and semi-tropical conditions. Maintain temperatures between 55°F and 85°F; avoid exposing container plants to temperatures below 40°F. Aloe adapts well to dry air and requires no additional humidity, ideally thriving at 40% relative humidity.

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Aloe vera thrives in poor soil conditions, adapted to nutrient-poor desert environments, and generally does not need fertilization. However, for potted aloe, an annual feeding in spring with diluted 10-40-10 houseplant fertilizer can support vibrant growth. Outdoors, aloe typically thrives without additional fertilization.




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