Coconut Tree – Holand -Cocos Nucifera – INDOOR



The Coconut tree, scientifically known as Cocos nucifera or Coconut palm, is a tall tropical tree native to tropical islands, including Thailand’s Koh Samui. At maturity, these trees can reach heights of around 30 meters. They typically have a single-trunked, branchless appearance that often curves and swells at the base.

Coconut palms are crowned with pinnate, green fronds that gracefully arch downward. They also produce yellow flowers in elongated clusters, which are fragrant and bloom throughout the year in tropical climates.

In addition to their utility in producing coconuts, Coconut palm trees are highly valued for ornamental purposes. They are ideal for creating a tropical ambiance in landscapes, making them suitable for lining walkways or placing on patios. Their elegant appearance adds a distinctive touch to outdoor settings.




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