Areca Outdoor – Dypsis Lutescens – Outdoor Plant



The Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens), also known as the Butterfly Palm, is a clustering palm tree that thrives in various temperate and tropical climates. It features evergreen foliage with a fine texture and a yellow-green color, which can turn yellow under sufficient light conditions. Typically, Areca palms grow to heights ranging from 4 to 12.2 meters, with trunks measuring 5 to 10 cm in diameter.

The distinctive appearance of the Areca palm includes pinnate leaves with 6 to 8 pale green leaflets per stem, extending up to approximately 2.4 meters in length. In tropical regions, they tend to grow taller and more robust. When cultivated in clusters, the stems can vary widely in appearance but are manageable through pruning.

These attributes collectively make Areca palms a valuable addition to outdoor gardening due to their adaptability and aesthetic appeal.




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