Cupressus Macrocarpa Goldcrest 30-40 CM | Indoor Plant


Discover the Versatile Lemon Cypress: Beyond its festive appeal, this narrow, columnar evergreen—also known as Goldcrest Monterey Cypress—brings year-round charm to any space. Ideal for hedges, specimens, bonsai, or patio containers, its upward-growing branches boast a striking yellow-green hue that contrasts beautifully with darker conifers. Experiment with textures by pairing it with boulders or fencing for a dynamic landscape.

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The Lemon Cypress thrives with ample light. Plant outdoors in full sun to partial shade, or indoors with five to six hours of indirect sunlight or morning sun. Avoid hot, direct afternoon sun from west-facing windows, which can harm its vibrant foliage.

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When established outdoors, Lemon Cypress requires minimal watering. Initially, water weekly during the first season to help it establish. As a houseplant, water deeply once a week, keeping the soil consistently moist.

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The Lemon Cypress thrives in cool, moist climates. Protect it from temperatures above 80 degrees F in dry areas, and below 20 degrees F to prevent damage or death. As a houseplant, ensure it’s placed in a location with adequate humidity.

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Fertilizing is not recommended for the lemon cypress. It thrives in poor, infertile soil conditions, and rich soils can lead to rapid, uneven growth and instability.




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