Coconut Chip – Plant Care



Mixing with Soil: When potting plants, blend coconut husk chips with potting soil using a 50:50 ratio, adjusting as needed for your plants’ requirements. Ensure thorough mixing for an even distribution.

Potting Process: Start by layering the mixed medium at the pot’s base to enhance drainage. Position your plant in the center and fill the remaining space with the mixture, ensuring the roots are adequately covered.

Watering: After potting, water your plants generously. Coconut husk chips retain moisture effectively, so avoid overwatering. They will gradually release moisture to the plants as necessary.

Orchid and Anthurium Culture:
Orchids: Coconut husk chips are favored for orchids, providing good aeration and moisture retention. Place orchid roots in the chips for optimal support and growth.

Anthuriums: Use coconut husk chips in the potting mix for anthuriums, ensuring a well-draining environment that promotes healthy growth.




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