Euro coorg Landscaping Division

(a) Soft Landscaping:

  • Creative landscape designing, execution of new garden
  • Preparation and development of farms
  • Design, installation and maintenance of automatic & non automatic irrigation systems
  • Renovation of existing gardens
  • Maintenance work for indoor and outdoor landscapes on monthly and annual basis
  • Designing and installation of Water features, waterfalls and fountains
  • Wooden gazebo, pergola, Patios, spas, bridges, benches Jacuzzis, reflection pools etc
  • Lighting displays
  • Lawn fertilization, horticultural pruning, edge cutting etc
  • Installation of shrubs, ground covers and gravel lawns

(b) Hard landscaping:

  • Supply and fixing of interlocks, pavers, kerbstones, heel kerbsbes etc
  • Supply and fixing of tiles, granites, sand stones, marbles, and natural pebbles
  • Laying of river washed natural pebbles, gravels of different size and colures
  • Synthetic, semi synthetic jogging tracks
  • Colored cement cast in situ path ways, walk ways and drive ways with sand stone and ceramics
  • Rock works and natural boulders
  • Children’s play areas

(c) Irrigation:

  • Designing and execution of automatic and non automatic irrigation systems with booster pump, mono pumps, according to the international standards
  • Selection and right kind of booster pumps, electronic timer, solenoid controllers and water tanks
  • Dripping, sprayer and sprinkler irrigation system
  • Micro adjustable dripper system
  • Pop up sprinkler system
  • Trenching and earth works
  • Maintenance of irrigation system on monthly and yearly basis
  • Testing and commissioning of irrigation system

(d) Landscape lighting

  • Spike lights, wall lights, step lights, floor lights, decorative lights, walk over and drive over lights, tent and sphere lights

(e) Wooden works

  • Pergolas, gazebos, bridges, portacabin, garden furniture, decks, stakes supports etc
  • Canopies, shade structure, shade net etc
  • Children’s safety fencing, boarder fencing
  • Exhibition stands, show room interiors

(f) Steel& Cast Iron works

  • Steel edging, railing, roots, barriers etc
  • Automatic sliding gates and normal gates, barriers
  • Green houses, stable fencings