Indoor Plant Maintenance

Indoor Plant Care and Quality Control
Horticultural Technicians
The image your company projects is as important to us as it is to you, and we assure it with some of the most qualified people in the business. All of our personnel participate in on-going training programs. Regular live plant service is performed for you by professional technicians that are attentive to your needs as well as the plants. They won't interfere with your daily business needs and will always leave you a written service slip stating what they accomplished during their visit.
Plant Watering Levels
Humidity, temperature, light, heating and air systems, plant container sizes, and other variables all influence the amount of water needed by each plant. Plants are consistently checked to insure both correct watering levels and moisture levels.
Plant Growth and Fertilizing
A great deal of plant growth is usually not desirable. Therefore, we will fertilize your plants on a regular schedule at fairly low levers - just enough to keep your plants green and healthy.

Pruning and Trimming Your Office Plants
Tropical plants continually shed old leaves and grow new ones. We remove the yellow leaves as well as trim browning tips. Occasionally your plants will require selected pruning of branches and stems to keep your plants looking sculpted and trimmed.
Tropical Plant Insects and Disease Control
Foliage plants are fair game to a wide variety of insect and disease problems. Some, like spider mites, are microscopic and airborne, making detection difficult. Our Horticultural Technicians are trained to recognize the early signs of these problems during their weekly visits, and should insects or disease appear, they will promptly take safe corrective actions.
Landscape Cleaning
Plants gather dust, and plant containers often collect assorted debris. Periodically we will clean the leaves on your plants so they will always look their best, absorb the available light, resist insect problems, and stay healthy. Debris in plant containers is removed during regular visits by our technicians.
Timely Live Plant Replacements
As part of our comprehensive care for the plants, we provide prompt replacement of unacceptable plants. Our goal is esthetic continuity, so landscaping plantings will maintain a uniform, attractive appearance.
Customer Service Oversees Your Company's Plant Care
Our Customer Service Representative will visit your periodically to evaluate your technician's performance and make sure you are satisfied with your tropical plant service. If a problem should arise between visits, please call our Customer Service Department. You can expect personal attention and a fast resolution for any problem.